Bengali Saree Types depends on the fabric material, design, and location

Bengali Saree Types depends on the fabric material, design, and location.  According to this, it is named. Saree is a favorite dress to the women in this subcontinent.

Bengali Saree Types

Women in the subcontinent wear this dress frequently.  There are the variety of Sarees in the market. Saree types dealer on the base of yarn, design, and region. There are many popular Sharis which Bengali women wear. Jamdani is one of them. Cotton Sari popular for daily use.

  • Banarasi Silk Sarees
  • Jorget Sari
  • Assam Silk Sarees
  • Dhakai Jamdani Saree
  • Taant Saree
  • Tussar Saree
  • Garad Saree
  • Baluchari Saree
  • Kantha Stitch Saree
  • Batik Print Saree
  • Tangail Sarees and more.

A saree is a long cloth. Length is 18 feet and height is 45 inches. Achal is the main attractive major part of the Saree. Major designs are in here.

Jamdani Types

Jamdani is a popular word in Saree world. It is a handloom product. Here also different type category declared on based on design and cotton. Four types of cotton are used to make a Jamdani. These are:

  • Half Silk
  • Full Cotton
  • Full Silk
  • Nylon


Different Sarees have a different cost. It starts from BDT500.00 to BDT1,00000.00. Normally there is a color matching blouse pic with every saree. Keep in mind length of a Saree is minimum 18 ft.

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Jamdani has different design with exclusive color. The design comes from the memory of Karigor.


Cost depends on design. More design more price.


Jamdani has different color. Golden color is very popular one. White and red also has demand.