Narayanganj Jamdani Palli is at Tarabo, Rupganj Thana in Narayanganj

Narayanganj Jamdani Palli (নারায়ণগঞ্জ জামদানি পল্লী) situated at Tarabo under Rupganj Thana in Narayanganj district near Dhaka. This area is known as BSCIC Nagari.

Narayanganj Jamdani Palli

Palli is 3 KM away after crossing the Kanchpur Bridge towards Sylhet road. The place is Noapara under Tarabo Pouroshova at Rupganj thana in Sonargaon Narayanganj district. On the way or back from the Palli, the buyer can visit Demra Jamdani Hat.

The area is known as a BISIC Nagari. BSCIC has allocated total 460 plots for Jamdani Palli. It is a textile commercial place. A huge number of Textile mills is running in that area. Buyer can buy the Saree at a low price and the wholesale rate. There is no particular address of the region. The total area is a textile area.


It is in Rupganj Thana, under Sonargaon Pourasave. Get the perfect location and direction from Google. There is no particular address.

How to Go

Rupganj, Narayanganj 30 km away from Dhaka. There is bus transportation from Dhaka. it is a 45 minutes journey. Buyer can go there by private car also. There is a bus called Shwdib. It goes to Demra. After crossing the river Shitakha, you can hair a Rishka to go to the Polli. It may cost TK40.

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Jamdani has different design with exclusive color. The design comes from the memory of Karigor.


Cost depends on design. More design more price.


Jamdani has different color. Golden color is very popular one. White and red also has demand.